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2-Day Full-time Classroom Training Program

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Why Devops?

Case Study Based Training Conducted by Best in Industry certified DevOps Expert trainers through pratical case study training approach

Exposure to DevOps Toolchain Combination of tools that aid in development and delivery of software with automation

Premium access to DevOps Career resources and Job Portal Unlimited exclusive access to DevOps career resources, articles and Job portal

Rs.35,000 Rs.29,900

Devops Certification Training in Mumbai- Skillogic

DevOps is the fast-growing field that bridges the gap existing between the IT operations and software developers. This culture lays a suitable environment to automate the build, test and release phases of the application which aids in fast delivery. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and establish more effectively in the highly competitive business market.

SKILLOGIC™'s DevOps training course is perfectly designed to cater the requirement of an IT professional to hold DevOps certification. With this course, candidates will be able to gain knowledge on DevOps process, various tools, and tools chains without missing the key concepts involved in DevOps. Real-time examples with case study based approach can help the candidates to lay a strong foundation in DevOps concepts. Furthermore, candidates get an end to end support in pre and post-exam process. With many world-class training programs going on all latest software technologies in various places, SKILLOGIC™ has now gladly announced its DevOps training program in Mumbai. This training program enhances the opportunity to earn DevOps certification for all those aspirants residing in Mumbai.. Call us now at 1800-200-9030 to lay a perfect foundation for your greatest career milestone.

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DevOps Classroom Training Locations

Course Highlights

  • Hands on Tool deployment in AWS server by individual participants
  • Best Certified Instructors with decades of quality experience in DevOps Tools Training
  • One to One guidance in bug fixing while tools hands on practice as required
  • Complimentary 180 Days of High Quality E-Learning Access
  • Overview of DevOps Tool chain automation with end to end case study
  • Premium Access to DevOps resources and Devops Job Portal.


  • What is this Course About?

    DevOps Foundation is basic level DevOps cerficiaton course providing essential knowledge on DevOps core concepts. DevOps Foundation syllabus is designed with high level content with concepts of Continous Integration, Continous Deliver and Continous Deployment.

  • What are the Course Objectives?

    The objectives for DevOps Foundation course include practical understanding of

    DevOps benefits to the business and IT

    Principles and practices including Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, testing, security and the Three Ways

    DevOps relationship to Agile, Lean and ITSM

    Improved workflows, communication and feedback loops

    Automation practices including deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains

    Critical success factors and key performance indicators

  • Who should be aiming for this Course?

    Organizations wanting to instill a common DevOps vocabulary and mindset

    Employees and managers responsible for leading

    Release and deployement Managers

    Project Managers with technical knowledge in IT architecture.

    Consultants to improve their clients DevOps culture to more rapid and reliable

DEVOPS MASTER Training Courses

DevOps Foundation

DevOps Foundation

DevOps is a practice that emphasize the effective collaboration between IT Operations and software developers.

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DevOps Practitioner

DevOps Practitioner

DevOps is a practice that emphasize the effective collaboration between IT Operations and software developers. The aim to establish an environment for building , testing and deploying of software releases and infrastructure changes rapidly, frequently yet more reliably with an automated process.

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DevOps Architecture

DevOps Architecture

Continuous Delivery Architecture (CDA) course is designed for the professionals who is involved in Architecting entire DevOps Continuous Delivery model with right tools and processes.

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DEVOPS TOOLS Training Courses in Mumbai



Git is the world's most used repository managment software. Git is used as distributed repo management software providing with management multiple code versions.

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Jenkins is de facto standard for continous integration server. Jenkins plays a vital role in DevOps tool chain through automating the flow in devops continous delivery process.

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Puppet is the industry best soutions used to automate the management of infrastructure configuration including task execution and orchestration.

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Chef is popular infrastructure configuration management tool in DevOps tool chain automation. Chef embraces Infrastructure as Code (IAC) with easy to code and maintain infra scripts.

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Nagios is the industry standard for Infrastructure monitoring. Server monitoring is made easy in Nagios because of the flexibility to monitor your servers with both agent-based and agentless monitoring.

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Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the market leading in cloud computing space as well as enabling DevOps enabled tools. AWS EC2 is used as building block for most DevOps automation including Docker cloud.

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Docker is the industry standard tool for containerization technology, which is fast disrupting the way infrastruture is step and management to virtual machines concept.

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Upcoming DEVOPS ONLINE Training

      • Feb
      • 18
      • Monday
    • 5 days (8:00 PM - 10:30 PM)
    • Certification Exam Fee Incl.
    • Materials Hardcopy Incl.
    • Online
    • INR 34000

      INR 24900

      • Mar
      • 18
      • Monday
    • 5 days (8:00 PM - 10:30 PM)
    • Certification Exam Fee Incl.
    • Materials Hardcopy Incl.
    • Online
    • INR 34000

      INR 24900

      • Apr
      • 15
      • Monday
    • 5 days (8:00 PM - 10:30 PM)
    • Certification Exam Fee Incl.
    • Materials Hardcopy Incl.
    • Online
    • INR 34000

      INR 24900

      • May
      • 20
      • Monday
    • 5 days (8:00 PM - 10:30 PM)
    • Certification Exam Fee Incl.
    • Materials Hardcopy Incl.
    • Online
    • INR 34000

      INR 24900

      • Jun
      • 17
      • Monday
    • 5 days (8:00 PM - 10:30 PM)
    • Certification Exam Fee Incl.
    • Materials Hardcopy Incl.
    • Online
    • INR 34000

      INR 24900

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Participants Reviews

SKILLOGIC - ITIL, PRINCE2, PMP, Six Sigma, DevOps Training Insitute 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
SKILLOGIC - ITIL, PRINCE2, PMP, Six Sigma, DevOps Training InsituteChaithanya Munji
October 04, 2016
Successfully completed DevOps Training and certification from Skillogic. Trainer Mr. Santosh was very knowledgeable and explained concepts in plain English. I am moving to USA and , hopefully, this certification helps me to secure good job in DevOps industry. I recommend SKILLOGIC DevOps Training

SKILLOGIC - ITIL, PRINCE2, PMP, Six Sigma, DevOps Training InsituteSanjay Gupta - Release manager, TCS, Bangalore
September 21, 2016
Excellent training from Mr. Santhosh. Learned how we can improve our IT ops practices using DevOps framework.
Certification exam isn't that difficult, a week's prep is good to clear. Highly recommend Skillogic for DevOps

SKILLOGIC - ITIL, PRINCE2, PMP, Six Sigma, DevOps Training InsitutePreeti - Software Engineer , Accenture
It was very good DevOps training at Skillogic last week. I am certified DevOps Professional now.
I highly recommend trainer Mr. Santhosh in DevOps


  • Can I get full refund, if I decided not to continue with course?

    You are entitled to full/partial refund as governed by Skillogic refund policies. Do read the policy details, whose direct links are provide in this page footer

  • Can I switch from Classroom Batch to Live Online training batch?

    It is strongly recommended to one mode of training for better learning experience but , in case situation demands, yes you can switch mode of training upon requesting Skillogic contact point

  • Is there any documents I need to carry to the training session?

    Yes. You need to bring your Photo ID Proof such as National ID card, Driving License etc., We need this in order to issue Participation Certificate and booking certification exam as required.

  • Do I get opportunity to contact trainer for any quick queries

    We conduct whole day classroom revision session for this reason. In case, if you have quick queries, we fully support you to arrange a call from Trainer

  • What does Skillogic Study Kit include?

    Skillogic Study Kit include Course ware Hardcopy, Soft copies of study materials, Sample Questions, other required materials required for your self study.

  • What is the best training institute in Mumbai for DevOps?

    SKILLOGIC® is the best training institute to choose if you are looking for DevOps training in Mumbai. Since DevOps is a culture that aims in unifying Software Development (Dev) and Software Operations (Ops), aspirants need to acquire a strong foundation and strategic knowledge of various tools used. At SKILLOGIC®, you will not only be trained on DevOps concepts and the variety of tools used but also gain a hands-on experience with actual tools used. The hands-on training on DevOps foundational concepts as well as DevOps Tools is delivered only by SKILLOGIC® and none of the other training institutes is providing this most effective combination. The SKILLOGIC® DevOps training is structured in a case study based approach for a better understanding and gives premium access to DevOps career resources and job portal.

    DevOps Foundation is a basic level DevOps certification course providing essential knowledge on DevOps core concepts such as Continous Integration, Continous Deliver, and Continous Deployment. The cost of DevOps Foundation certification training is INR 28,450 for classroom training, INR 25,900 for a Live instructor training (ONLINE) and INR 19,000 for self-learning.

    DevOps Tools training is designed to provide basic to intermediate knowledge for DevOps Tool's aspirants, with syllabus covering tool installation at Amazon AWS server by individual participants, configuring DevOps automatic configuration management with standard tool architecture. The cost of DevOps Tools expert training is INR 33,900 for classroom training, INR 29,900 for a Live instructor training (ONLINE) and INR 25,900 for self-learning.

  • What is the cost of DevOps training in Mumbai?

    The cost of SKILLOGIC®'s DevOps Foundation certification training is INR 28,450 for classroom training, INR 25,900 for a Live instructor (ONLINE) training and INR 19,000 for self-learning. The cost of SKILLOGIC®'s DevOps Tools expert training is INR 33,900 for classroom training, INR 29,900 for a Live instructor training and INR 25,900 for self-learning.

  • What is the cost of DevOps foundation certification in Mumbai?

    SKILLOGIC® DevOps foundation training in Mumbai will prepare you for a strong career in this fast-growing cross-functional field. The cost of SKILLOGIC®'s DevOps Foundation certification training is INR 28,450 for classroom training, INR 25,900 for a Live instructor training (ONLINE) and INR 19,000 for self-learning.

  • What is the cost of DevOps Tools training in Mumbai?

    SKILLOGIC® Tools training in Mumbai will make you an expert in using all the modern DevOps tools. The cost of SKILLOGIC®'s DevOps Tools expert training is INR 33,900 for classroom training, INR 29,900 for a ONLINE training and INR 25,900 for self-learning.

  • How does the lab sessions take place in SKILLOGIC®?

    SKILLOGIC® creates an exclusive cloud platform for candidates to participate and practice for their Lab sessions. We use the Google cloud platform that can be replicated on AWS and Azure.

  • Who are the DevOps instructors and how does SKILLOGIC® select them?

    SKILLOGIC® chooses only highly qualified and best-certified Instructors with decades of training and working experience in the IT, Agile, ITSM, and DevOps. Each instructor has to undergo a stringent selection process where their profiles, experience, technical evaluation are screened and then a demo class is scheduled to evaluate their teaching skills.

  • Is there exam fee and if yes, will it be a part of the course fee?

    Yes, the certifying exam is conducted at the end of the course and candidates are awarded certificates once they complete the exam. The exam fee is the part of the course fee and you don't need to pay separately.

  • Will I get a free demo class before I pay the fees?

    Yes, you can avail a free demo class and once you are okay, you can go ahead and pay the fees. However, we sure have to convey this, all the candidates who have approached us, have directly enrolled for classes as they come to SKILLOGIC® after analyzing the market for the high-quality training provider.

  • Will I get technical assistance after I complete the course?

    Yes, there will be technical support to every candidate who has chosen us. They also have Premium Access to DevOps resources and DevOps Job Portal.

  • What is Live instructor training? Will it be as effective as classroom training?

    Live instructor training is similar to traditional classroom training but through an online interface. It lets you and the trainer have a 1-to-1 interaction. Since all of our trainers are highly qualified and have a significant amount of experience, this Live instructor training is as effective as classroom training.

  • Is this DevOps training Live or like watching recorded sessions?

    The DevOps training is Live streaming and it is interactive sessions that you will be participating. You can clarify your doubts instantly with your trainer.

  • What if I miss the classes?

    No worries, we can arrange back up classes for you. Kindly contact our customer support to schedule the classes for you.

  • What is the Average Salary of a DevOps engineer in Mumbai?

    The renowned Salary website, PayScale, is quoting the average salary of DevOps Engineers in Mumbai as INR 738,086 per year. With SKILLOGIC®'s DevOps certification in your hand, your earning potential will increase even more than the quoted amount.

  • What are the types of DevOps roles available in Mumbai?

    The types of DevOps roles available in Mumbai are DevOps Developer, DevOps consultant, DevOps Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Lead DevOps Engineer, DevOps Lead and Senior DevOps lead.

  • What are the companies hiring DevOps professionals in Mumbai?

    All renowned IT organizations are always in look for certified DevOps professionals. The list of companies looking for skilled DevOps professionals is Cisco, Amazon, JP Morgan, EY, Synopsys, Thought Works, SAP, Epsilon and Sapient.

  • Which are the popular DevOps tools? Which tools training does SKILLOGIC® tools course provide?

    The most popular DevOps tools are Git, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Nagios, and Docker. SKILLOGIC® is providing training in all these popular tools and besides, we are providing AWS tools training too. You can read our blog post "7 Incredible DevOps Tools That are Loved the Most" for in detail.

  • How can one define DevOps?

    DevOps is a clipped environment where Development and operations practices of IT software development work together by breaking the silos. With the recent technology developments, DevOps is no longer constrained to software development alone but pervaded Product engineering services, various devices of IOT and cloud-enabled services.

  • Why is there a need for DevOps?

    DevOps lays a single road for operations and development team in using common methodologies and processes and works together in a cooperation. This method is more flexible and efficient approach for faster software delivery and enables the business to roll out new features quickly to the market.

  • What are the technical and business benefits of DevOps?

    The technical benefits of DevOps are continuous software delivery, less complex problems yo fix and Faster resolution of problems. The business benefits of DevOps are the Faster delivery of features, more stable operating environment and more time available to add business value rather than fixing the issues.

  • How DevOps in IT differs from DevOps in IOT?

    In IT, the DevOps professionals often deal with software codes alone but applying DevOps in IOT, they need to consider physical components and existing legacy systems also while building an automation process. Furthermore, there are specific challenges associated with each stage of the project in the world of connected devices.

  • Why is that DevOps is not constrained only to IT but can also be used in the world of product engineering services?

    All IoT enabled devices run on complicated software codes to produce advance business intelligence. This software needs to be managed, tested, and updated frequently. The right methodology available at present is DevOps.

  • Which industries use DevOps?

    We can very well say that every industry that depends on software delivery uses DevOps. Some of them to quote here are Home automation, Medical devices, Networking, and more.

  • Can we say that Agile and DevOps are same?

    No, Agile is not the same as DevOps. Agile is the software development methodology whereas DevOps all about developing software. Agile can be used as a segment of DevOps and in DevOps, it is not necessarily be an agile discipline but can also a waterfall model. We have published a detailed article on the topic "Agile Vs Devops – Are They Different?", have a look to understand more about them.

  • What are the issues does a development team when DevOps is practiced?

    Development teams need to compromise existing organizational silos and adapt to the DevOps approach of working together with the operations team. The biggest problem is prioritizing the importance of the products, projects, and applications for which monitoring and deployment have to be performed at multiple ends.

  • How to measure DevOps?

    DevOps is measured as per the following categories, Deployment frequency, Mean time to recover (MTTR), Change lead time and Change failure rate.

  • How to achieve Continuous delivery in DevOps environment without downtime?

    The techniques used to achieve continuous delivery with zero downtime are A/B switch, Software load balancers and Delaying the port binding.

  • What special training do I require to become a DevOps engineer?

    The critical criteria for DevOps are developing a mindset of working in a non-silo environment. Apart from your basic education and working experience in IT, a certified course from a quality training provider can add weight to your resume.

  • What is difference between DevOps and ITIL?

    We already published detailed article on this topic "ITIL and DevOps: Friends or Foes?" have a look to understand more about them.

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